In our class, we are curious enough to ask questions
and daring enough to make mistakes.


To develop students who are literate,
responsible, proficient in state and
national standards, and college or career ready.

Core Values

Continuous Improvement, High Expectations, Alignment,
Shared Leadership, Social Responsibility, Accountability,
Evidence-Based Decision Making

Meet Mrs



I teach a second grade class at Triton Elementary. My passion is for teaching and I enjoy finding new ways to motivate and challenge learning through the use of technology. I am always searching for new ideas to use in the classroom either on the internet or from the teachers around me. It is my mission to encourage my students to be curious enough to as questions and daring enough to make mistakes. I believe that curiosity and good reading abilities are the traits that help a person become a life long learner, therefore I encourage these characteristics in my students. I also believe that a student who is not afraid of making mistakes will have better critical thinking abilities and a deeper understanding of why the world works the way it does.